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Bill Maher: The Only Thing Worse Than Trump Is Cruz

Bill Maher of HBO’s long-running “Real Time With Bill Maher” (Coming back to HBO this Friday) gave his shocking insight to the Republican front runners to The Daily Beast Thursday. The comic who has never held back from letting his liberal opinions rear their left wing heads divulged in his …

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‘Real Time’ Host Bill Maher Defends Arrest of Ahmed Mohamed

'Real Time' Host Bill Maher Defends Arrest of Ahmed Mohamed

“Real Time” host Bill Maher is defending the Texas police officers who arrested Ahmed Mohamed, whose homemade clock aroused officials’ suspicions. Maher said the 14-year-old Muslim boy’s clock looked exactly like a bomb. “Look, this kid deserves an apology, no doubt about it, they were wrong, but can we have a …

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Bill Maher Criticizes Trump’s Stance on Immigration

Bill Maher Criticizes Trump's Stance on Immigration

In his Friday monologue, Bill Maher has choice words for two figures that have been trending topics in news lately, Josh Duggar from “19 Kids and Counting” and presidential candidate Donald Trump, who well all know too well. He first picked at Josh Duggar, who has recently been in the …

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