Saints Game Lights Up After Being Blacked Out

The 1PM Saints game became quite competitive in the later minutes of the contest. Unfortunately, many Saints fans weren’t able to witness the six point win. The Fox Network made the call to switch from the Saints and Colts for football viewers outside of the New Orleans area.

With the Colts trailing by a score of 27-0 Fox pulled the plug on what looked to be a runaway game. Little did the network know that the Colts weren’t willing to be shutout fodder. Their offense ended up with 376 total yards, 333 by way of Andrew Luck, and three touchdowns through the air. T.Y. Hilton accounted for 150 yards and received two of those touchdowns. The Saints started off red hot, stifling the Colts offense and scoring almost at will. After 20 straight points however the Saints offense needed life support, surrendering the ball on an interception and a fumble in the second quarter and only scoring once more for the rest of the game. The Colts then roared back to life, finding Hilton for an 87 yard touchdown pass and holding the Saints to nothing but punts. Luck would eventually find Hilton again through the air for another score. Donte Moncrief would also collect a touchdown for the Colts, pulling the game within one possession. It all came down to a clutch pass and catch in the waning minutes from Drew Brees to Marques Colston that sealed the game for the Saints.


If you think this sounds like an exciting game then you would be right. Ultimately a much more exciting game than what it initially looked to be, a premature decision left many without a chance to finish what turned out to be a nail biter.

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