New Rising Artist: Halsey

Halsey, Ashley Frangipane, 21, is my recommendation for a new artist you should listen to. Having recently celebrated her 21st birthday, Halsey, hails from Washington, New Jersey. I have fallen in love with her unique style and her eccentric style of music, so I decided to do this article on her and her music. Halsey can be described as a unique kind of pop music with electronic, indie, and alternative influences blended right in it. Her very catchy and buoyant vibes in her music are accompanied by messages conveyed by the songs that are relatable to people of her generation, which I believe I can identify with. Her lyrics are profound, insightful, and sometimes even lascivious.

I am especially fond of her song “Ghost” and her emerging song that is climbing charts, called “New Americana.” Ghost is can be described as a predominantly electropop song that outlines a relationship where one of the people in it is “emotionally unavailable.” Some of its lyrics are “You say that you’re no good for me, ‘cus I’m always tugging at your sleeve, and I swear I hate you when you leave, I like it anyway.” She also refers to the partner in the song as her “ghost,” most likely implying the idea that this person is physically there, but not emotionally. Her song, “New Americana” describes the generation that she is from. Outlining the typical concepts and movements from this time and generation, like gay marriage and “legal marijuana,” which she mentions in the chorus, Halsey definitely makes some statements in this song.

I am excited about this artist, who is bringing new facets both pop and indie music genres and cannot wait to explore and hear more from her.

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