Some of 2016's Most Avant-Garde Albums

Some of 2016’s Most Avant-Garde Albums

This has been a colossal year for anticipated new album releases from avant-garde music talents.  This year has everyone covered, from comeback artists from the ‘1990s to recent favorites , to final studio albums releases.


David Bowie


On January 8,David Bowie released his final studio album Blackstar, his farewell to his massive fandom of followers all over .Blackstar hit at NO.1 on the Billboard 200 chart, giving the music legend his first NO. 1 album in all his career.Bowie died of cancer at age 69,ten days after the release of his Blackstar album ,sending an enormous wave of devastation to fans all over the world .His death was such a devastation that according to Mirror news online ,fan Andrea Natella from Rome ,Italy created a petition calling for David Bowie to be brought back from the dead.The petition managed to gain 1,500 signatures from fans from Italy,France,London and more.Blackstar might not be Bowie’s best album, as is a rather chilling ,with an induced eeriness, as it’s saxophone, electronic  ,and new found rock takes a dive at a certain abstractness and disbarment of the Bowie everyone new.





On April the 24th,Beyonce’ released Lemonade‘, which was acclaimed at album NO.1 for the sixth time in Beyonce’s discography career,according to Billboard Magazine.Lemonade’ has had  a lot of  controversial dilemmas acclaimed ,such as rumored Jay-Z’s affair with “Becky with good hair” from Lemonade’s track “Sorry”.Other controversial matters involve Lemonades’ anti-cop idealism which has supposedly lead to riots of violence.Aside all controversies, Lemonade’  is a greatly based content  album ,which has  people talking.Although ,Lemonade’ is as much of a personal album , which includes very potent content from lyrical takes on slavery,police brutality,to riots on Malcolm X and more.It also includes various collaborations with alternative artists revealing her experimental side, from collaborations with Jack White,Kendric Lamar,The Weekend and more,and songs samples from Yeah Yeah Yeahs track “Maps”, and even Led Zeppelin.A great album that is surely the touchstone of this year’s political takes ,and a personal best healer for how to deal with a broken heart.




PJ Harvey

Another controversially acclaimed album is PJ Harvey’s The Hope Of Sixth Demolition Project,  an album that has been directly aimed at the U.S. Government.The Hope of Sixth , is the equivalent of  2011 compilation, Let England Shake based on its political attributes.Although, Let England Shake is a protest album against general war, by which it describes with poetically, grim, visual lyrics ,of the vast loss of lives in the history of the United Kingdom ,The Hope Of Sixth aims directly more at personal matters towards the GOP.The Hope of Sixth can be compared to song verse “what if I take my problems to the united nations” ,from track “Words That Maketh Murder” ,from Let England Shake.The Hope of Sixth Project is only a sector of what Harvey hopes to accomplish with the whole of  her “project”.On album opener “The Community of Hope”, Harvey takes on Washington by describing in a despondent manner D.C.  neighborhood Ward 7 ,a developing city.The track has already caught the attention of D.C. officials ,by which they claim is a total wrong grasp of Ward 7 .According to DCIST ,Harvey has already raised awareness and motive for change from councilman Grant Thompson ,who has said “one of the promises I’m making is that we’re going to bring more restaurants to Ward 7. We’re the last frontier in terms of development. We have one grocery store in the entire ward. I attribute that to poor leadership”.






Radiohead ninth album , A Moon Shaped Pool was released on May 8 of this year.The long awaited album since 2007,studio album In Rainbows ,does not seem to be have received as much attention .With  the likes of Rihanna and Beyonce’ dropping albums this year ,Radiohead’s release seems a bit under the radar.However singles “Burn The Wich” has the public with high speculation relating to its political significance.On an interview with Billboard ,video collaborator Virpi Kettu,she explained the political significance behind animated video for “Burn The Witch”. Kettu  explained that the video was intended to raise awareness about current refugee crisis and the negativity that surrounds Muslims.She also went and talked about the mysterious postcard stunt ,which Radiohead fans received with the note “I know where you are”.A stunt performed, to represent the high speculation of fear, in which the government officials in Europe and the US have  upon residing Muslims ,refugees.Meanwhile single “Daydreaming” is a take on life’s mundane ,almost suffocating day in and day out ,living circumstances.In the video Thom Yorke walks around in an aimless manner ,trying to escape a maze composed of turns leading to  life’s banality.Then until finally breaking free into a comparative visual of what could come from written scene in Thoreau’s Walden.A scene composed of tall pine trees and steep mountains dipped in white snow ,as the sun rises in the east.Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool is now headlining tour .Radiohead has landed five NO.1 albums dating back to 1997 OK Computer and are now in consideration for number one spot if they can beat competitors.

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